Absurdism And Chaos, Apotheosis, A Drunk Walk Through Life

Apple Incorporated

Work for a company one’s whole life only to find out one is knee deep in shit and can’t get out. Find out one’s toil was just a house of cards waiting to come tumbling down. Spend vast resources and time to build a house only to see it taken away by the river. Get saddled in debt and go to school for half one’s life only to be pimped by the people who own the institution and fancy expensive gizmos that gives one’s skills any value. Backstab, cheat, betray whomever to get ahead and one up on everyone else. Do whatever possible to make a quick buck and what does this end up with? Third world people selling kidneys to have a bowl of rice to eat. Nasty people kidnapping unwanted orphan kids to sell their kidneys to the black market, throwing them out like roadkill out of a mobile human chop shop. Hundreds of thousands vaporized in an instant because of some socioeconomic political nonsense. Fuck hope and fuck the future. If man is not an animal, then its not possible to know what is. Baboons with a bright red ass, that don’t give a shit about anything, but another baboon’s big shiny round red ass. Humans are a sickness unto themselves, whose cure is a well deserved extinction. Feudalism never ended, it only evolved and refined itself. Now instead of swords, it is with guns. All it takes is one bad day to turn oneself inside out. One fuck up to conquer all fuck ups. Is it possible that one was never alive at all? That this was just some idiot’s nightmare? That was manifest as some tailless apelet, running around pretending his pitiful existence has any lasting significance? Man, is to ape, as guinea pig is to rodent. All that is lost is the tail, but just as wretched and worthy of contempt. Superficial creatures who overvalue the symbolic and phony. Who work shit jobs only to keep up appearances with their contemptible social circle by getting excess house and car. Its a joke of course. The madness of life is that it is over so fast and it actively contradicts a mortal’s soul searching for a higher purpose to engrave unto it for all eternity. Everything is meaningless, live now, or die later. Life is nonsense of course. There is so many things that can go wrong at every moment, that at some point one stops caring. If it was any worse, it would cease to be, and yet by the hair it is, and so it was. Why? To answer. It is useless to hope in a life that is clearly both absurd and fleeting. It is a dance to the bottom of the abyss named death. To treat life as some form of strange far out game is possibly the best way of going about this. That way the perception of all the fuckery and bullshit cannot possibly perturb a mind that fully acknowledged the madness of existence. Life is meant to be wasted, because to think otherwise would be to assume a higher purpose or world to be aspired to, thus, in essence denying our own. This world is all there is, and all there needs to be. The worms will eat our rotten flesh and what happens from there on is not for us feeble minded apes to know.

World Wanderer & Explorer